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Ghala Events created several Birthday Fantasy theme parties for my family in the past few years. The parties reflected my two daughters different interests which were wildly different ranging from a A Harry Potter Theme to Glamor Hollywood Oscars Night.


The team's creativity, helpfulness, attention to detail, and willingness to work with me according to my very limited time schedule, in addition to to the very high professional treatment that everyone including our guest received, had made a huge impression on me.


Several times, the team went beyond the call of duty to fix an issue that was not related to them, in order not ensure the parties were a success.


The parties, as you will be able to see from the pictures, were such a Big success from every angle.


I would like to also specially note how much Arwa(who was our project manager) worked with both of my daughters to ensure that they got to have their input implemented. The girls and I tremendously enjoyed the experiences.


Muna Abu Sulayman
Sectertary General -
Alwaleed Foundation